The Full Stop.
  Forgiving grief. (2016)
 Five Minutes   thisplace. (2014)  thisplace. is a new media series exploring the realities of motherhood.  A mother is camouflaged in each portrait, and the sitters have titled their own portrait.  I created this body of work to open an honest (and non-judgemental) conversation about what it's really like to become and be a mother.  All the works were informed by the anonymous responses and thoughts I received from mums.  This photographic series was originally shown at Town Hall Gallery (Hawthorn) with 2 performance films, an interactive installation, emergency sweets for parents, plus colouring-in, toys and a black board for the kids.
 Reminding myself I am whole when i am not. (I appear missing) 2018
 Jacqui Stockdale   This Wild Song  This Wild Song celebrates Australian artists through portraits, interviews, exhibition, events and an accompanying podcast.