The Full Stop.
  Forgiving grief. (2016)
 Five Minutes   thisplace. (2014)  thisplace. is a new media series exploring the realities of motherhood.  A mother is camouflaged in each portrait, and the sitters have titled their own portrait.  I created this body of work to open an honest (and non-judgemental) conversation about what it's really like to become and be a mother.  All the works were informed by the anonymous responses and thoughts I received from mums.  This photographic series was originally shown at Town Hall Gallery (Hawthorn) with 2 performance films, an interactive installation, emergency sweets for parents, plus colouring-in, toys and a black board for the kids.
 Mrs. Collier   A shoe box full of dresses (2011)  These dresses were made by friends of my grandpa: Mrs. Collier and Mrs. Burrows. Each Christmas my mum and aunty were given a shoebox of them, made from material off-cuts. This tradition was reignited once my sister and I had dolls, too. The dresses were made to fit everyone's dolls; my mum thinks great-aunty Ivey sneakily took the measurements and gave them to Mrs. Collier and Mrs. Burrows to make patterns from.  I photographed the dresses as I found them: complete with wrinkles, stains and traces of writing. I like that you can see the lives they have lead as the dresses hold so much history within their stitches. Everyone will find their own stories and meanings within them.  Select pieces from this series are available from  Signed + Numbered
 Reminding myself I am whole when i am not. (I appear missing) 2018
 Jacqui Stockdale   This Wild Song  This Wild Song celebrates Australian artists through portraits, interviews, exhibition, events and an accompanying podcast.