Behind the Scenes with Hannah Quinlivan for TWS / by ilona nelson

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to photograph Canberra artist Hannah Quinlivan for This Wild Song when she was in Melbourne to install her exhibition at Flinders Lane Gallery.  I'm only sharing a BTS shot now that her feature is live on as it would've spoiled the surprise!

Hannah was fantastic to work with and graciously allowed me to coat her in salt, in reference to her salt drawings.  But to the get the salt to stick, I coated her in glucose syrup first!  I shot the portrait at The Art Room as it has such beautiful and soft natural light, we kept the portrait quite monotone in reference to Hannah's work as well.  I really love the contrasts between the salt, skin and hair.

You can the the final portrait HERE and read her wonderful interview.  I love her advice to her younger self - 'Trust your instincts and go as hard as you can. Don't stop. Don't ever stop.'  Definitely inspires me to get back to work!